Dear Classmates,

In an episode of the televison comedy series "Frasier", Frasier and his cohorts, in an effort to get Kenny, their station manager/boss rehired, confront the owner of their radio station. Upon listening to Frasier's very compelling appeal on behalf of Kenny, the station owner thanks Frasier for helping him make up his mind. He then tells Frasier that thanks to him, he has decided to go with his "gut instincts" and is going to tell his board members that he is going to change the station format from talk radio to "all latino, all the time!" Whereupon, Frasier abruptly turns to his cohorts and says, "What the hell just happened?!"

I'm thinking this is, quite possibly, what a lot of us might be thinking right about now too, don't you? We've all lived our lives, gotten married (most of us) and divorced (some of us), had our children, our grandchildren, our accomplishments, our careers, our houses, our cars, our retirement plans, our travels, etc., etc., and now what? Is that all there is?

In spite of all these things, or perhaps because of them, life just hasn't been what each of us might have dreamed it would be back in high school, now has it?

And now, here we all are close to our middle 60's in age. Incredible! Isn't it? It came upon us so suddenly. Or as Frasier so aptly put it, "What the hell just happened?!"

Now I ask you, what did just happen? And more importantly, what is going to happen next? And are you prepared for what is going to happen next? Or have you simply lived your life unto yourself with no thought whatsoever about what's going to happen next?

Well, iIn case you're wondering, here's what's going to happen next: each one of us, one by one, some sooner, some later, are going to die. Then, each one of us will stand before a Holy God who is going to ask us what we did with the life He so graciously gave us to, ahem, live for Him? What will you tell Him? Will you stand mute? Or will you be able to tell Him that He is the most important person in your life; that because of what His Son Jesus Christ did for you by willingly laying down His life and dying for your sins in order to redeem you back to His Father that you are His and His alone; that He is the Christ, the Son of the living God; that He is your Lord, Savior, God and King and that your life means nothing apart from Him? Will you be able to say these things to Him on that day?

And if not, why not?

Your Friend & Classmate,

Robin Campbell

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