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Do you like to daydream? If so, then this website is for you. In fact, this website was "custom made" for all the daydreamin' boys and girls from the HHS Class of 1970!

For most of us, growing up during the halcyon days of the 1960's was an amazing and wonderous experience. It was an incredible, yet tumultuous time of hippies, tie dye's, bell bottoms, peace signs and flower power. And music. Sweet music! The 1960's presented us with a music explosion the likes of which had never been heard before. Simply put, it was, and still is, some of the best music ever!

We also had the fortuitous experience of attending high school together during a time when life was much simpler and more carefree than it is now. Even so, and our teenage angst notwithstanding, most of us just wanted to be in love with someone and perhaps drag Main Street together. Oh, yeah! Those were the days!

Hopefully, this website will bring back some fond and happy memories of those long lost days and, in turn, allow you to reconnect with some old friends and fellow classmates as well.

Oh, and one more thing that bears mentioning before entering this website, and that is, how very fortunate, blessed even, we all were to have the teachers we had during our days at HHS. What an amazing group of dedicated adults and teachers they all were. So, as you view their pictures herein and reflect upon your time spent sitting under their tutelage, it should fill you with a deep appreciation and respect for their dedication to their profession and our well being as their students. We all can and should be very proud to have been taught by them!

Now, turn up your speakers, come on in, look around, reminisce awhile and have a nice daydream!


(Permission to use the song "Daydream" was personally granted by
Mr. John Sebastian, formerly of "The Lovin' Spoonful")

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