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03/16/2016--Two Guys We All Know

Dennis "Spider" Johnson & Steve "Hoskie" Hoskinson
Enjoying A Basketball Game Together At The NJCAA Tournament

11/10/2015--Nancy (Kerr) Courtney

Very Nice Nancy!

Email Nancy Here.

11/03/2015--David Nelson & His Granddaughter Maya's First Birthday, 09/19/2015

Beautiful Granddaughter David!
And You're Looking Good Too!

Email David Here.

10/13/2015--Bill Sellers

You're Looking Good Bill!

Email Bill Here.

Our Men's Basketball Team--February, 1970

Our Men's Basketball Team--September, 2014

How Many Of You Had One (Or A Dozen) Of These?

Mr. & Mrs. Dam Doll
Don't They Make A Lovely Couple?

And How Many Of You, Especially You Guys, Had One Of These?

I Totally Lived On Mine (A Green One).
So Many Happy Memories Of Carefree And Seemingly Endless Hours
Of Riding All Around Hutch On It.
Yeah, I'm A Kid Again!

09/14/2011--Janice Bolyard (Garkovich)

Howdy Janice!

Email Janice Here.

07/05/2011--John Marks & His Wife Christine

Thanksgiving, 2010.

Nice To See You John! And You Too Christine!

June, 2011.

John & Christine Reside In Overland Park, Kansas

Email John Here.

12/01/2010--Tom Moorman & Sherrilyn Gerdel

So Happy Together!

As Tom said, "We consider ourselves very lucky we both went to the reunion this year!"

We Are All Very Happy For Both Of You!

Email Sherri Here.

11/29/2010--The Randal Haun Family

Left to right: Nicole (26), Randy, Sheryl, Alexandrea (17), Danielle (23) & Victoria (15).

Randy And His Family Live In Sunny Arizona And He Works For General Dynamics - Advanced Information Systems.


Email Randy Here.

11/26/2010--Donn Updegrove

Nice Bike Donn!

Email Donn Here.

08/03/2010--Here's A Recent Picture Of All My Children

(June 6, 2010)

(Click On Picture To View Larger)

L-R: Andy, Beth, Christopher, Laura, Ben & Patrick

07/02/2010--Sheryl (Gitchell) Fogarasi & Her Husband Bill

Celebrating Their 30th Wedding Anniversary

Congratulations To Both Of You!

Email Sheryl Here.

06/10/2010--Ron & Caroline Shipley

Their Kitties Are: (L-R) Smudge & Duncan (RIP)

Good To See You Ron! And You Too Caroline!

Email Ron Here.

03/27/2010--The Bob Humiston Family

Left To Right: Joe, Sara, Bob, Todd and Jon

Great To See You Bob!
You've Got A Good Looking Family!

Email Bob Here.

03/11/2010--Doug & Suzi Fisher

Nice To See You Doug! And You Too Suzi!

Email Doug Here.

02/28/2010--Cheri (Androes) Edgington & Soon-To-Be Husband Larie Craig

Cheri & Stormy (Kitty) & Larie & Radar (Puppy)

Cheri & Larie Will Be Married On March 20th, 2010.

Congratulations To Both Of You!

Email Cheri Here.

02/19/2010--Karen (Wilson) McClain & Her Family

Left To Right: Karen, JT, Kelly and Pat McLain (HHS '68)

Nice To See You Karen! And You Too Pat!

Email Karen Here.

12/29/2009--Recent Debbie (Swan) Gideon-Long Family Photos

So Nice To See You And Your Family Debbie!

Email Debbie Here.

11/04/2009--Cindy (Gough) Montgomery

Here Is A Recent Photo Of Cindy.
She Says She Is "Loving" Austin, Texas.
Well, Howdy Cindy!

Email Cindy Here.

08/20/2009--Steve McLaughlin

Good To See You Steve!

Check Out Steve's Website Here.

Email Steve Here.

07/29/2009--John Wells & His Lovely Wife Kate

A Fairly Recent Picture Taken While On Vacation In Hawaii.

Aloha John!

Email John Here.

07/17/2009--Mike & Nancy (Hjort) Mendenhall & Their Grandkids

A Very Recent Picture Of Nancy & Her Husband Mike & Their Grandkids,
Cassandra & Oscar (Twins) & Michael.

What A Nice Family Picture Nancy!

Email Nancy Here.

06/01/2009--Sheila (Schultz) Rexroad & Her Husband Rex

According To Sheila, This Picture Was Taken In Las Vegas.
Since They're Both Smiling, I'm Betting It Was Taken Before They Started Gambling!

Email Sheila Here.

05/08/2009--Larry Symonds & His Daughter Jessica

Good To See You Larry!

Email Larry Here.

04/18/2009--Kate (Kirchoff) Elcock

So Nice To See You Kate!

Email Kate Here.

03/20/2009--Jeannie (Lavielle) Barth And Her Grandkids

About this picture, Jeannie said, "These are my grandkids and I'm in the middle.
They voted me the funest and funniest Gma in the whole wide world! Who am I to argue?!!"

We Couldn't Agree More!
Great Picture Jeannie!

Email Jeannie Here.

03/05/2009--This Is A Very Compelling Commercial By The Cell Phone Company Nokia

(Pause Music Player At Page Bottom Before Viewing This Video)

03/02/2009--For Those Of You Who Haven't Seen This Before, It Is Very Cute!

Even Though This Doesn't Have Anything To Do With Our Class,
Unless, Of Course, It Reminds You Of Our After Game Dances In The Cafeteria,
I Think It Will Make You Smile!

T-Mobile Recently Launched Their Company In England
And This Was Their First Commercial.
This Was Shot At Liverpool Street Station In London
With 40 Dancers And 10 Hidden Cameras.
No One But The Station Employees And Dancers Knew What Was Happening.
Watch How All The People, Both Young And Old, Join In.
People Love To Dance Don't They?

I Dare You To Sit Still While Watching This Video!

(Pause Music Player At Page Bottom Before Viewing This Video)

02/15/2009--Dennis "Spider" Johnson and Mike Finnigan On Valentine's Day, 02/14/2009
As Spider Said, "Finally, After All These Years, A Picture With My Idol!"
Way To Go Spider! Fantastic Picture!

How Many Of You Remember Mike Finnigan And The Serfs?
For Some Of Us, This Was THE BEST Band We've Ever Heard!

Email Spider Here.

Here's A Cool Video About A Little Something Mike Finnigan Did Back In The Sixties

(Pause Music Player At Page Bottom Before Viewing)

Here's A Little Something Special For You From Mike Finnigan As Well.

02/13/2009--Forgive Me, But I Just Couldn't Resist Posting This Picture Of
My Dear (And Favorite!) Cousin Ola (Neuburger) Wilk (HHS 1972),
Just Doing What Has Always Come Naturally For Her. LOL!
If Memory Serves Me, I Believe She Is Talking To Her Late Aunt Sissy In This Photo.
I Love You Cousin!

For Those Of You Who Know Ola, You Can Email Her Here.

01/28/2009--Dave Nelson's Wedding Photo From November, 2008.

Back Row (l-r):
Dave's Stepson Tim, Son Patrick, Daughter Kelsey, & Son Berton

Front Row (l-r):
Dave's Brother Vernon (HHS '63), His Wife Kay (Alden) (HHS '64),
Dave's Wife Carrie & Dave

Dave Says He Is Living In Milwaukee, Wisconsin & Is Happily Retired

Congratulations Dave! You Have A Good Looking Family!

Email Dave Here.

12/03/2008--A Very Recent Picture Of Susan (Spence) Balding And Her Husband Robert

Very Nice Picture Susan!

12/03/2008--A Very Recent Picture Of Judy (McNett) Berry, Susan (Spence) Balding And Judy's Daughter Susan

Very Nice Picture Girls!

11/08/2008--A Recent Picture Of Patti (Richardson) Hamilton

Nice To See You Patti!

Email Patti Here.

08/089/2008--Jim Anshutz Recently Modeling A T-Shirt Of One Of My Favorite, And I Assume His Too, Drum & Bugle Corps Groups, The Cavaliers!


Looking Good Jim!

Email Jim Here.

07/23/2008--Judy (McNett) Berry Would Like To Share With Us The Following Letter From Her Son Matt Who Is In Special Operations With The USAF:

Hey all,

After enough taunting from Lynne's sisters we've decided to run our first marathon. In true Berry fashion we couldn't run just any marathon so we decided to run one above 5200 feet, the Duke City marathon, here in Albuquerque on Oct 19th. We've decided to make our pain worthwhile and raise money for Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Please make a donation by visiting our FirstGiving Website .

This organizataion is very near to our hearts as it has already helped out families we know in our Special Operations community. Thanks for taking the time to join us in this very worthy cause. You can donate online with a credit card. All donations are secure and sent directly to Special Operations Warrior Foundation by Firstgiving, who will email you a printable record of your donation.

Thank you for your support of this great organization,

Lynne and Matt

07/15/2008--A Very Recent Picture Of Cindy Gough

Email Cindy Here.

07/11/2008--Nancy (Hjort) Mendenhall And Her Lovely Family

From Right To Left: Nancy And Husband Mike, Daughter Amy Jo And Husband Jason,
Daughter Katy And Husband Brian And Grandson Michael!

You Have A Very Handsome Family Nancy!

Email Nancy Here.

07/07/2008--For Those Of You Who Don't Know, Our Very Own Trish Rose Is The Mayor Of Hutchinson, Kansas

Congratulations And Good Luck Trish!

The Hutchinson City Council Members Are (left to right): Cindy Proett, David Razo, Mayor Trish Rose, Bob Bush and Ron Sellers.

Email Trish Here.

06/21/2008--Now Here Is Something That Should Take You Back In Time
Remember These Guys?
And Who Is That Pensive Short Haired Guy Playing Drums?
Click On The Picture To Find Out

Email The Pensive Short Haired Guy Here.

The Other Band Members Are (From Left To Right): Carl Chick (Piano), Chris Carey (Bass), And Yes, The One And Only, Jerry Burger (Guitar)!

04/21/2008--Just Wanted To Let You All Know That Today My Wife Cindy And I Have Been Married 35 Years

35 Years! Not Too Bad, Eh?

04/17/2008--Shamefully, Segregation Is Still Alive And Well In Kansas

Don Watson, He Of The Manhattan Contingent, And With All Due Respect To His Sensitive KU Friends, Passed This On To Us.

03/13/2008--Jim & Ondrea "Andi" (Brooks) Nichols

Very Nice Picture Of You Two!

Email Jim And/Or Andi Here.

02/28/2008--Tom Halbrook

Tom And His Lovely Wife Annette

Good To See You Tom!

Email Tom Here.

02/24/2008--Those Of You Who Went To Central Jr. High Will Remember Drew Markham

A Recent Photo Of Drew And His Lovely Wife Kathy

Drew At Central Jr. High - Circa 1966-1967

We Missed You At Hutch High Drew!

Email Drew Here.


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